Your Partner In Wellness


Holistic Corporate Wellness Programs 

Be Fit Biz has one goal: To help you develop and execute a comprehensive program that ranges from employee education to hands-on training and consultation.

We acquire data and biometrics (quantitative, including waist to hip ratio, body fat percentage, blood pressure, etc. and qualitative, including stress levels, productivity, happiness, etc.) on all activities performed with your employees and provide aggregate results to you for future wellness planning.

Our methods are always backed by science; we collect program data to ensure maximum benefit to your organization.


We only engage in activities that are supported by scientific evidence – be they talks, fitness classes, nutrition regimens, or social events.


We have been actively involved in the wellness space for over five years.


We strive for genuine connection with your employees to motivate and empower them.


We address all four areas of wellness: Physical, Mental, Social, and Disease Prevention.