To empower employees and enhance their corporate experience.


We offer comprehensive wellness and fitness programs that combine education and practical tools. Driven by evidence and data, we believe that all health goals can be achieved through science-backed behavioral changes.


We are a team passionate about wellness, particularly in finding new and innovative ways to encourage healthy practices in everyday life.


Dr. Mitra Hooshmand is a neuroscientist actively involved in research and education as the Director of Scientific Programs at Americans for Cures, professor at UCLA, and public speaker. She has also innovated a unique style of yoga, which combines Vinyasa flow with HIIT cardio, that is taught exclusively at the yoga studio she founded, Mixx Yoga in Newport Beach, CA.

Molly Coe is a legal consultant, with several years experience as an advisor to employers establishing and maintaining employee benefits programs. As a yoga enthusiast, Molly met Mitra at Mixx Yoga studio - they became friends immediately and business partners shortly thereafter.

Dara Afraz is our resident “tech genius”. A skilled web and app designer whose projects include learning tools used by the UCLA Human Perception Lab and Insight Learning Technology, Inc., Dara’s unique expertise is a perfect fit for our education-focused, forward-thinking approach to wellness.

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