“I first met Mitra at a Wellness Luncheon at our firm where she was the guest speaker. Her speech was very motivational. She was later invited back to be the keynote speaker of a wellness workshop. Her topic was basic nutrition: do’s and don’ts. After this talk, I found myself always looking at food labels. People left the luncheon feeling inspired to improve their overall outlook on every day nutrition. Mitra is well-rounded and knowledgeable about everything healthy. And she looks like she practices what she preaches as she is in the best shape of anyone I know.”

— Sue @ Newmeyer & Dillion LLP

“I love Dr. Hooshmand’s medical and scientific angle, and learned a lot about the physiological effects of stress. She is by far my favorite presenter. This was very powerful and a good reminder to incorporate meditation and journaling into my daily routine.”

Andrea @ Dermalogica, “Mindfulness” Talk

“It was a great class. Much thanks to Kris for guiding us on a practical and enjoyable class that worked for all levels!”

Veronica @ SCM Insurance Services, Yoga Class

"Every year the Meguiar's division of 3M celebrates a specific healthy living week and in that week our organization puts together different events for our employees to partake in. We had initially asked Be Fit Biz to lead a session focused on breathing and stretching. Not only did they do a fantastic job of giving our employees a glimpse of the benefits that such simple activities can have but the speaker also gave an engaging talk providing a new way to look at health and fitness. Of course, the employees found benefits in the breathing and stretching exercise, but the talk helped open our eyes and really inspired us to take some action in working to find a healthier and more fit version of ourselves in mind, body, and spirit. Our employees thoroughly enjoyed this session and we look forward to asking Be Fit Biz to return to work with our team."

— RJ @ 3M

“I really enjoy Dr. Hooshmand’s teaching style of presentation! I am able to understand it all and able to retain the information.”

Anonymous @ American Financial Network, “Deep Sleep” Talk

“This inclusion of personal health and wellness topics is a terrific approach to building morale, team spirit and employee retention. We are really creating a great environment.”

Randy @ SCM Insurance Services, “Deep Sleep” Talk